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A Cardano NFT of a blue, female martian with a tin foil hat and a ray gun
A 3D model of an alien blaster, used for a Cardano NFT asset

Built From Scratch

Flat Mars Limited (FML) is a diverse collection of 10,000 Flat Martians inspired by the community and designed by Cardano enthusiasts with a background in design and architecture.

Each asset is an original piece by our in-house artist, spanning over 9 months of creation. With our diverse range and millions of potential combinations, you’re bound to find your forever flatty!

100% Original - No 3D asset packs were used in the FML Collection!

Join Our Community

Come join the fun as we grow our community and develop our brand! Follow us on Twitter or join our discord to keep up to date with announcements and new content.

Our vision is to grow the Flat Mars brand and establish ourselves as the one stop shop to cultivate knowledge surrounding the cardano ecosystem, helping to onboard new users and understand how they can benefit from embracing decentralized blockchain technology.

You can find more information about us via our FAQ and Roadmap.

But it ain't just business, we also like to have fun! Check out the Flat Memes Starter Pack and jump on the #FlatMemes bandwagon today!

A drawing of an alien holding a pineapple pizza

Team & Minting Services

graffiti painting of darth vader

Darth ADA


Background in architecture and design with a passion for crypto, 3D modelling and memes. Content creator in the Cardano community for 5+ years.

Blue logo that says Cardano Source

Cardano Source


All things marketing, community development and brand building. Creator of Cardano podcasts and infographics. Passionate about the environment.

A piece of artwork profile picture



New to the Cardano ecosystem and expanding in the NFT space. Background in architecture and design and assisting with layering and 3D modelling.

A pfp profile picture of a yeti with a Yepple Logo



Custom Cardano NFT minting solutions for complex projects. Responsible for generating and delivering your Flat Martian NFTs.